A brief history of the professional Lyceum No. 25

Professional Lyceum No. 25Kant was founded in 1974 as a basic training school for workers for the Kant cement and slate plant. Over 44 years, more than 14 thousand qualified workers have been trained.

The first director was Perkov Pyotr Ivanovich, who headed the school until 1975. Since May 1975, Anatoly Grigoryevich Koldobanov has become the director of the educational institution.

In 1989, vocational school No. 25 was renamed VPTU, and in 1995, the PL (Professional Lyceum). Since 1999, the lyceum has been headed by Natalia Grigorievna Demidenko. Since 2021, the lyceum has been headed by Malina Akieva Elemanovna.

Currently, 266 students are studying at the lyceum, of which more than 80% are children from poor and socially vulnerable families, 17 students are social and round orphans. In 2003, a rehabilitation group for orphans (LOVZ) was opened in the lyceum, specializing in Plasterer-painter

The engineering and teaching staff meets the requirements: almost all have higher and specialized secondary education or work experience at enterprises.

In an educational institution, children have the opportunity to realize their abilities and reveal all their talents. Every year students take an active part in creative competitions, scientific and practical conferences of the city, region, and in various subjects, and win well-deserved victories. There are many children among the lyceum students who are engaged in professional sports. These are football and volleyball players, tennis players, boxers and chess players.