Briefly About Us

We have been doing business in the field of trade since 2003. We have a wealth of trading experience. For all the time of our activity, we have established several large companies and have been distributors of many large factories and factories. During the period of our activity, we have successfully introduced many new brands and products to the market, which are still in great demand.


Laminate Service

Our first project was the company "Laminate Service", which was founded in 2005. LLC "Laminate Service" was the official distributor of well-known Russian and Turkish companies and successfully worked in the furniture market of the Kyrgyz Republic for more than 10 years, carrying out wholesale and retail sales of chipboard and other related products for the production of furniture inside the furniture market of Kyrgyzstan. In addition, Laminate Service LLC was a center for the provision of services for the processing of raw materials for the production of furniture, both small, medium and large furniture manufacturers, where high-quality Turkish and German equipment is used. And since the 20th of this moment, the company has rebranded to Unitex Group LLC.


LLC Stroy Holding​

The Stroy Holding Limited Liability Company was established in early 2009. The main activity of the company is the wholesale supply of twine, construction, furniture materials and consumer goods to the Kyrgyz Republic, with its further wholesale and retail sale on the territory of the republic and to neighboring countries.


Mobi Life Group​

Our next project is the company "Moby Life Group", which was founded in 2017. This company was created to implement projects for the supply of electronics and the creation of IT projects.


Asian Silk Road​