The main direction of our activity is the SUPPLY of EQUIPMENT for the oil and gas, mining and construction industries of the USA, CANADA, EUROPE AND CHINA, including equipment used in drilling, production and processing of oil and gas, equipment for automated control systems and informatization of technological processes and productions.

Our company carries out DIRECT DELIVERIES of equipment directly from manufacturers. Selects equipment according to the specifications and technical requirements of the customer. ILBIRSPROFI LLC offers a WIDE RANGE of equipment for all areas of the oil and gas, chemical energy, mining, construction industries, as well as the introduction of new technologies to optimize production related to the above-listed industries.

The ILBIRSPROFI company provides a full range of services from engineering development and selection of necessary equipment or technologies, to commissioning and subsequent service support throughout the entire service life.

We adhere to an INTEGRATED APPROACH to doing business and are confident that this will make cooperation with ILBIRSPROFI effective and mutually beneficial for both us and our partners